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Day 43: HOT AS ……

I have an aquarium thermometer that I use to see what the water or air temperature is. The sea is sitting around 25°, and the air temperature, even at night, never gets less than that. However, the day temperature gets up towards and sometimes above 30°.   I take my breaks from paddling inside Osiyeza. […]

Ask “AI” Albert

Richard checks in with the world three times a day. Morning session to send the latest blog and images to Carmen, the weather check with “Weather Router” Robin, and then the power system and AIS with “AI” Albert.   Albert monitors Osiyeza’s position and the marine traffic around Richard using “Marine Traffic,” with a small […]

Day 42: “Am I the last person on earth.”

Maybe I am? I have not seen another human for more than 40 days. I wonder how many people will ever get to experience that in their lives. I feel a bit like Kevin Costner in Waterworld. Although he may be better looking, and his boat is a darn sight faster than Osiyeza. We are […]

Day 41: Data diet

Another day and another mile ticked off. 2256km to go, ETA 20th, 5.3 days ahead of schedule.   Rich is doing well, averaging 110km per day. Unfortunately, he has been put on a data diet until 1 Feb, having reached the data cap for the month. A cheeky Netflix download and Facebook stole all his […]

Day 41: Netflix Killer

The first message from the shore team. You have hit your data cap.😱 Guilty party 1.7gig by Netflix. WTF?   It turns out that the Netflix app decided to connect to the internet. Not sure what it bloody did, but there is nothing to show for it. FRACKING HECK!   Vincent from SMD Africa Marine, […]

Day 40: Another Smilestone; 40 days, 40 nights, 40 smiles

Another milestone. Eight sets of four lines, each with a fifth line crossing them out. 40 days, 40 nights of paddling towards Brazil in Osiyeza. 🎉   I opened a new vacuum packet of droe wors. A little bit of white mould was easily wiped off. This batch was still a little moist, so I […]

Day 39: Cheech and Chong have left me

While sipping my hot morning cup of coffee, I spotted a few small flying fish in the cockpit. They had run out of skills during the night. I thought how kind it would be for me to chop them up and feed them to the Pilot fish. I gathered the stinky flying buggers and chopped […]

Day 38: My inspiration

I looked at my prison calendar marked on the bulkhead with a permanent marker. Four lines, with the fifth crossing the four denoting five-day blocks. I am now on the 7th block. Thinking back to the first block, I can’t really remember much. I remember the departure and seasickness but not a lot more. Days […]

Day 37: Rock n roll again

Last night Osiyeza started to move around a bit more than in the previous few days. All locked up inside, I struggled to get some decent shut-eye in. I put it down to not wanting to miss my Cape Talk interview, which was at 03:20 my time.   Only when I went for my first […]

Day 36: Birthday Hangover

What was it from? The late night? The disco party? The soet wyn? Smoke from the candle? I can’t say for sure, but I woke up with a sore throat. My favourite wife, Judy, would say with conviction that it was from me snoring. I just can’t come to the same conclusion. I never heard […]