Day 42: “Am I the last person on earth.”

Maybe I am? I have not seen another human for more than 40 days. I wonder how many people will ever get to experience that in their lives.
I feel a bit like Kevin Costner in Waterworld. Although he may be better looking, and his boat is a darn sight faster than Osiyeza. We are both on a quest to find terra firma.
I can understand why the ancient mariners thought the world was flat. The furthest I can see anything on the water is about five nautical miles away. That’s it! That’s my world. A 5nm circle around me. What’s over the horizon is anyone’s guess. It could be the end of the earth. Those early sailors were very brave souls heading off into the unknown.
The $#@% modern-day cellular phone. It is doing a thousand things in the background and you have no idea about it. After the Netflix sabotage, the shore team arranged a 60meg capped deal for R1000. That will be enough for just daily WhatsApp texting to get through to the 1st of February when the next data package starts.

atilite phone state of the art phone holder so the antenna can have a view of the sky

I log in and do the WhatsApp messages. Unbeknownst, the Facebook app decided to run in the background. Yip, it wiped the 60megs out in a few minutes. Gone just like that!
I think the app must have reset itself when the phone was restarted. So frustrating 😞
It was a pleasant evening with the moon almost halfway to full. Unfortunately, this means star gazing is best in the early hours of the morning after it has set.
What’s in a name? A cargo ship called Sealuck II just passed behind me. I wonder what happened to the first one?
Spotted the first Tropic bird with its long thin white tail this morning. It was flying high and not showing much interest in little old me. Usually, when they fly lower, and you shout, they will do another loop around you. It’s entertaining to see how long you can keep their attention going.
One bird I would like to see again is the Frigate bird. It reminds me of a WWII German Stuka with its kinked wings. It’s a very impressive sight watching them take a flying fish out of the air.
Did the same thing as yesterday to last night’s stranded flying fish, but this time Cheech & Chong did not come out and eat. Maybe they are still full from yesterday’s meal.