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Day 63: The End

As dawn started to creep over the horizon, the shoreline grew and the buildings started to reach for the sky. The current here was an absolute beast. Osiyeza was flying towards Salvador. At 15km from the shore it felt a lot closer but because I was heading at an angle down the coast and I […]

Day 62: The Race

This will be my final blog while at sea. My next blog will be after my arrival. You probably saw yesterday’s pictures of the birds resting on my arm last night. Wow, what a special experience that was. They have no fear of humans. A very privileged interaction. I eventually had to shake them off. […]

Day 61: ETA

Humidity through the roof. It was a very calm day with a slight ENE wind which, once up to paddling speed, could no longer be felt. Inside the cabin it was unbearable, especially if a squall was overhead and the hatches were closed.   There is also a pronounced current pushing in a southerly direction. […]

Day 60: carnival is calling

The excitement on Osiyeza is palpable. Freshwater usage has gone through the roof. The crew have started to scrub off two months’ worth of grime. The air is filled with sweet perfume, manly musk deodorant, and the sink plug full of hair. Old Greybeard may be using his secret weapon and dabbing on a bit […]

Day 59: The beauty in nature

A full 24 hours without a rain squall. How novel!   The conditions have been very calm. Almost no swell and a light Easterly wind. With these conditions, I am not quite hitting the 100km daily target, but it’s not a race, but with people starting to ask for an ETA so they can put […]

Day 58: Big News

Big news.   My lovely wife Judy is coming to Brazil! How lekker is this? With the help of friends and family, they got her a ticket. Ah, I can’t wait to see her on the dockside. I hope she is strong enough to hold me up when I step ashore 🤞   A ship […]

Day 57: Dishwasher duties

The friendly school of fish 🐟 spent another night cruising alongside us. I wonder how much longer they plan to stick around.   Washing dishes must be one of life’s great wastes of time, yet an unfortunate necessity. Although I once heard someone saying they find it therapeutic. We, humans, are a clever bunch (read […]

Day 56: this is the show

Stop taking yourself so seriously. Cheer up. You had better have a good time because this is not a rehearsal This is life. This IS the show!

Day 55: dangly bits

Just before sunrise my new friendly school of fish moved off to start feeding. The Sooty Turns arrived a little later and the show started again. Each day there are a few more birds that join the party. I wonder where they go for the night? IMG_9923 It was a joy watching them swoop one […]

Day 54: Sooty terns

Having crossed another timeline and moved four hours behind South Africa, I noted that there are no real celebrations when crossing lines of Longitude. The celebrations are mostly geared towards lines of Latitude like the equator.   When crossing the equator for the first time on the ocean, there is usually a visit from King […]