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Family First

Little did I know that the failure of Osiyeza’s solar panels would give me something special yet heart-breaking. Little did I know that getting Osiyeza back home for repairs would give me a wonderful opportunity in such a dark time. The universe works in mysterious ways. I could have been in the middle of the […]

On the road again

In the words of Willie Nelson 🚙 ON THE ROAD AGAIN 🚙 Monday morning, I received the message I had been waiting for along with a picture of a trailer licence disk. It had taken four days to get the SA traffic department admin sorted to get the trailer through the border. Kevin and Ralph […]

Oziyesa on the rocks

⚓ Oziyesa on the rocks ⚓ It’s a message you never want to get.😱 Plan “C”! Unfortunately, the truck ride for Osiyeza to Cape Town fails to take shape as hoped. The backup Plan “D” is initiated on Wednesday. My brother-in-law, Kevin, and mate Ralph are going to drive up to Walvis Bay with a […]

Plan C: What now?

So, what now? Yes, a very good question! Let me try to answer it. Warning: This may be a little technical and boring. Let’s call this PLAN C. 1) By now you know the reason for the hard right hand turn to get to Walvis Bay was triggered by the failure of the main solar […]

Walvis Bay

My first shower in 16 days was glorious. I was convinced that I had started getting a bit of a tan but much to my disappointment it seemed to wash away down the drain. I am trying to scribe this blog sandwiched between white 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets with soft fluffy pillows. All very […]


Day 15 The ocean has gone from a deep crystal blue colour to a strange green. The wind has turned a little cooler. Not a cloud in the sky. Classic sunburn weather. I suspect that the Agulhas current is stronger closer to the shore and that’s the reason for the good milage. 👍 Had a […]

The morning I took the kids to the pool

An extract from Life on Osiyeza, by Richard Kohler These blogs are snippets of my life, living onboard Osiyeza while trying to paddle across an ocean. All too often social conversation stoops down to the gutter with toilet talk especially after a few drinks. 🍻 Well in certain circles its known to go all the […]

Day 14: Taking a dip

Day 14 The forecast was for 20 to 25knt SE wind. Back at home we would be jumping for joy and arranging the car shuffle for a downwind paddle on our Surf skis. Out here it is a little different. I need to keep crossing the wind and sea as much as humanly possible to […]

Day 13: Stargazing

Day 13 After sunset I used to watch out for Saturn (Capricornus) right in front of me in the “Go West” version of this adventure. Now it’s “Go East” towards Sirius (Canis Major). The evening sky was cloudless and with the moon visiting the other side of the earth the stars had little to compete […]

Day 12: Prepped for what lies ahead

Day 12 What a pleasing sun rise. Great start to the day. Black bucket duty successful completed. Full sun on the forward solar panels. Charging the best, they can. The only electronics I am using at the moment is the AIS, at night the compass light and a USB charger for my phone. The big […]