Day 55: dangly bits

Just before sunrise my new friendly school of fish moved off to start feeding. The Sooty Turns arrived a little later and the show started again. Each day there are a few more birds that join the party. I wonder where they go for the night?


It was a joy watching them swoop one after the other trying to pick off a flying fish. A fish came flying towards Osiyeza and me. One hop. Second hop. Oh this is going to be interesting. Big fish chasing underneath and the Sooty Turn’s chasing a flying fish right towards us.
On the flying fish’s third hop out if the water it suddenly saw us and tried to adjust its trajectory, but it was too little too late. Thud! Right into the side of Osiyeza. Poor bugger must have a fat headache.

When I log on to the internet via the Thales VesseLINK supplied by AST I can’t be outside for safety reasons. I am not sure what radio waves this omnidirectional antenna uses but there are warning decals suggesting to keep at least 1.5m away when in use. It’s not ideal since the temperature inside is always around 35° during the day.
So when you are WhatsApping me remember I am naked and sweating like a trooper.
Sorry for the visual. 😜

Today was one of those days that seemed to drag on just that much more than the others. I guess it’s just one of those things, or maybe the Billy Connolly audiobook that I started has not been that enthralling yet. 📚

The paddling conditions by comparison have been great so I expect to slip over the 100km mark. Yesterday was a little shy at 95km but good enough for me.

Weather Router Robin and I have been discussing the final approach to Salvador which is still looking like the 19th of February. The current forecast is for a possible bumpy ride with a strong NE wind. It’s still more than a week away so it’s not a given yet.

I decided to try the cabin fan in a different position. I used some cord to hang it in its new position. It is now lower down and blowing cooler air into the cabin instead of circulating the warm air already there. When I lie head first the fan blows straight on my dangly bits. Who knew a little fan could give so much comfort. 😍 Why has it taken me 55 days to make this change. Better late than never!

A Marlin buzzed around Osiyeza at sunset. I thought this might chase away my gang of friends, but they cruised along side all night again.

coordinates -13.410130°, -31.841320°