Day 61: ETA

Humidity through the roof. It was a very calm day with a slight ENE wind which, once up to paddling speed, could no longer be felt. Inside the cabin it was unbearable, especially if a squall was overhead and the hatches were closed.
There is also a pronounced current pushing in a southerly direction.
A new stress has been steadily moving in. The ETA! The estimated time of arrival is something everyone wants to know. I don’t blame them at all but it is one of those things that changes.
The one concern is arriving on an incoming and high tide on Sunday afternoon at 15h30. The pressure to get to the point about an hour before then will be best. It’s about an hour’s paddle for me to get to the yacht club marina, which is my final destination.

The different approaches into Salvador

I put some good time on the paddles and will only really know how good the day was when I check in with the team tomorrow.
The cloud formations today have been different. There are big cumulonimbus clouds about. Just before sunset, I could see lightning and hear the thunder coming with a big dark cloud formation.
I can see the clouds on the horizon in front of me are flowing white from the city light. That’s pretty cool. The first sign of Salvador. I also managed to pick up a local radio station using my cell phone. I am close!
As the evening progressed, the lightning and thunder moved overhead. It seems to be sheet lightning, so there is nothing to worry about, but I do not enjoy a thunderstorm at sea. You just never know.
My hitchhiker’s are back on the aft deck and roll bar making far more noise than the thunder!
Down to the last two spoons of coffee. Eeek.
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