Osiyeza gets a makeover

With 3 weeks until I prepare to find my departure weather window, Osiyeza finally got the makeover she deserved!

Local Cape Town designer and artist Quasiem Gamiet aka “Fersyndicate” spent a day giving Osiyeza her new skin.

The collaboration took 6 hours to create this eye catching and original design, influenced by South African street culture and graffiti.


Check out this 18 second time-lapse video of the creative process.

Thank you Fersyndicate, LOVE IT!

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dehydrated food

Food for thought

“You must be nuts” is a common response after mentioning crossing the Southern Atlantic Ocean in a kayak.

But there is some truth to it.

To kayak hour after hour across the Atlantic Ocean I need to keep myself fueled correctly. The challenge is to take enough food for 90 days on a small kayak without refrigeration and keeping it as light as possible. Freeze dried and dehydrated foods are some of the best methods to achieve this and I have started my own “test kitchen.”

May be an image of foodMay be an image of food

Check out this video of me rehydrating a test meal that I made a few weeks ago. Durban curry with chicken, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and a dash of MCT powdered oil. Delicious!

I will consume 80% of my calories in the form of healthy fats. I will consume mainly dehydrated freeze dried food with minimal carbohydrates.
As a fat adapted athlete I will get all my energy from healthy fats like Olive oil, nut butter and raw nuts and keeping my body in a state of Ketosis (fat burning). Carbsmart have been amazing in helping me eat healthy meals with low carbs to maintain my keto diet.
NUTS will be a big part of the fuel to get me to the other side.
ButtaNutt Spreads were so generous when they heard about my adventure they sent me a huge hamper of their goodies. From Nut milks to nut butter in jars and squeeze packs. We decided that the squeeze packs would generate a sticky mess over 3 month (no plastic over board) so I have opted to decant the 1kg glass jars into smaller lighter plastic containers. Oh boy this stuff is AMAZING! The energy bang for the weight is off the charts and with the different flavors I will never tire of it.
The one downside of a ketogenic diet on a three month ocean crossing is you can’t dehydrate or freeze dry fat so liquid is the best option.
To help maintain the 80% and use “fat” (ketones) as fuel I will consume about 5 tablespoons of oil each day.

That’s about 6L for the crossing.

May be an image of text that says 'Medium PURE MCT OIL UNFLAVOURED Triglycerídes (MCTs) (ketogenic) source eneray preferentially o delivenng protelns metabolis carbohydrato 2 Litre THERU BANTING SPAR THENTIC South African OLIVE OIL Carb smart. EXTRA VIRGIN COLD PRESSED Absolutely THE HEALTHOF ST2020 JUSTFR FOR Nut HIGHOMEGA MONOUNSATURATED SUNFLOWER OIL MACADAMIA OIL HIGH VITAMIN PALEOT BANTING Natural Extra Virain'
Keeping the correct hydration levels while I paddle hour after hour without cover from the elements will be essential. Revive Daily Electrolytes are Sugar-Free and Calorie-Free daily hydration formulas.
May be an image of one or more people and indoor
How in the world will I keep my food fresh for 90 days on a small kayak in the middle of the ocean without refrigeration?
More to be revealed soon.
popular mechanics

Popular Mechanics

So stoked to be featured in one of my favorite magazines. Six full pages in Popular Mechanics 😊🤘
Thank you to the editor Mark Samuel who joined me for a photoshoot for the magazine and did an amazing write up on my next adventure.
Grab your copy now.