Day 62: The Race

This will be my final blog while at sea. My next blog will be after my arrival.
You probably saw yesterday’s pictures of the birds resting on my arm last night. Wow, what a special experience that was. They have no fear of humans. A very privileged interaction. I eventually had to shake them off. They hung on well until I really flapped my arm.
Nothing about the crossing had anything to do with a race, but the final two days have turned into a race against time and tide.
It’s quite a challenge to give anyone an ETA. There are so many factors, especially for a human power craft.
The bay of Salvador is massive, which lends itself to strong tidal currents filling and emptying every six and a half hours. I need at least an hour to get Osiyeza to the marina. High tide is at 15:20, so I need to get to the point by 14:30 at the latest.

Last sunset

If I don’t make it I will need to find a sheltered anchorage to wait till 09:00 on Monday morning to paddle the last 5km to the marina and my wife.
Oh, did I mention the wind also changes to a SE, which could push me on shore before the point? Nothing like a challenge in the dying moments.
You can see why it’s a race to get to the point around lunchtime. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue spending another night with Osiyeza, but there is so much to do and see. It’s CARNIVAL, after all. 🎉(I actually just want to see my lovely Judy)
If you have been following my track, you would note that Robin set me up for a NE approach which is with the wind and current. The current is helping me in the race with up to 1.8kmph.
The glow of the city light on the clouds is much brighter than last night, and I can pick up many radio stations with my cell phone.
Soooo close.
I have not really thought about the end of this trip yet. I will do that tomorrow as I get closer to the bay. Living in the moment. I have seen lots of fish life. I even saw a large bait ball but could not see what was trying to chow them. The plankton has been thick in patches, and I delayed making some fresh water till it cleared up a bit.
The lights of Salvador light up the skyline. I can see individual lights and buildings now. (01:00 local time) The current has whipped me along, making a massive improvement to my ETA and my race result. 🙃
Now the issue is changing the arrival time for the local officials. The Navy, fighters, lifeguards and local paddlers are planning on escorting me the last few km. I may be forced to anchor somewhere to wait for them. Sorry to mess you all around.
Not sure if I want this to end or if I do want it to end.
Interesting conundrum.
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