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Day 35: Happy birthday to me

🎁 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎁   My latest flip around the sun puts me at 53 years young. I don’t look a day older 😜 The usual morning routine but this time, I made a big helping of 🥓🍳. It’s also the only time I have to use dishwashing liquid and a scourer to clean the […]

Day 34: Remembering my dad

What a stunning sunrise. Coffee in hand and with the kids out of the house, I could relax and watch the twilight slowly turn into daylight. A new day and a little closer to my goal. Quite a few little flying fish in the cockpit and two inside the cabin. I hope there are only […]

Day 33: No more internet access

At sunrise, I removed the antenna and inspected the connection for any signs of water ingress. There was no sign of anything untoward, so I bolted it all back in place. Next, I inspected all the connections on the terminal box. All fine there. I then switched the unit on and tried to log in […]

Day 32: Half Way

🌓 HALF WAY 🌗   For most of the day, there have been Dorado following us. They seem to do laps around Osiyeza. Surfing the waves like dolphins at the bow of a ship. Four in a row, sometimes. Now and then, one would leap out of the water for no apparent reason. It is […]

Update on Richard

Rich is doing well; sunny skies and calm seas. All is good on board.    There has been a glitch with his communication systems which sadly means we are unable to receive Whatsapp and emails for the time being, so unfortunately, we don’t have Rich’s normal, amusing blog posts. He is writing about his daily […]

Day 31: White gold

PS. if you only read this post and don’t click through to the link, you are missing out on half of the story.   It’s odd to say, but I am enjoying the rain squalls. Long dark shapes appear on the horizon and slowly float towards you like a dark ghost with its black train […]

Day 30: 📆 A month at sea 📆

It seems like I was feeding the fish only yesterday, and it was my first night on the big ocean, heading more to Walvis Bay than South America. So much has happened since then, yet it has already started to blur into a bunch of little snippets rather than 30 long days on my own […]

Day 29: Tools of the trade

Rain squalls out here are like VW Polos on the roads back home. There is one wherever you look. The nice thing about being on a kayak vs a yacht is I either keep on paddling and have some extra wind and fresh water on me, or I listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops […]

Day 28: Unpacking for week 5

It started with 100% cloud cover and rain squalls dotted around the horizon. One dot was on the same path as Osiyeza and me. The dot steadily grew in size until it filled up half of the horizon. Ten minutes before it reached us, it had sucked up all the wind. The ocean around us […]

Day 27: Leave it for “Ron”

A milestone that we celebrated at the end of our National Defence force conscription was the 40 days left or commonly called “Min Dae’ (Afrikaans for Few Days). I am officially past the “min dae” for the crossing 🎉   One of Judy’s best friends, who shall remain nameless, sports a good proper beard.🧔 Unfortunately, […]