Day 33: No more internet access

At sunrise, I removed the antenna and inspected the connection for any signs of water ingress. There was no sign of anything untoward, so I bolted it all back in place. Next, I inspected all the connections on the terminal box. All fine there. I then switched the unit on and tried to log in using the wifi to do a reset, run a self-diagnosis and possibly do a factory reset. Unfortunately it won’t let me log in and keeps giving me a login error. The only other way I can see is to access it is via LAN cable and a laptop which we don’t have on board.
FAAAAK. I looked for a reset hole but could not find one.

It looks like that’s it for internet access. No more blogs for social media. That’s going to have a negative affect on the fundraising as well. Terribly frustrating and sad.

Maybe I can do an alternate day voice message via the satellite phone. Texting is old school, with three letters per button. Push number 2 three times for ‘C’ etc. I will hve 2 rmbr the abbreviations.
Another concerning thing is the Spoortracker device that sends hourly positions to the shore team has also stopped working. It is a totally independent unit with its own solar panel and is glued on top of the cabin.


Fortunately, the AIS is still working, and the team can see where I am at all times still.
Maybe tomorrow will bring some news of a hack to access the terminal via WiFi to get it up and running. Holding thumbs.
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