Day 34: Remembering my dad

What a stunning sunrise. Coffee in hand and with the kids out of the house, I could relax and watch the twilight slowly turn into daylight. A new day and a little closer to my goal.

Quite a few little flying fish in the cockpit and two inside the cabin. I hope there are only two inside, but if I have missed any, I will soon smell them. For some reason flying fish 🎏 smell much fishier than non-aviator fish.

Today marks the first year my Old Man is no longer with us. Shew, it’s been an emotional day. More tears than I thought possible. Being out here alone makes it terribly challenging to control my emotions. The rest of our family went out together for lunch. I managed to call them using the satellite phone but kept it short and sweet so as not to blabber over the phone. I am glad my Mom has everyone else with her today.

The first Pilot fish has joined Osiyeza and me. I popped the 360° camera into the water and watched it cruising next to the keel, getting a free tow.

The Dorados seemed to have left, but maybe they felt insulted by the lure I have had out all today. Well, they came back an hour before sunset, and both had a go at the lure. I had flattened the barb to make releasing easier. The first one threw the lure with an impressive leap. The other one hit the lure straight away, and I pulled him on board for a quick photo and then released it, not without a little struggle.