Update on Richard

Rich is doing well; sunny skies and calm seas. All is good on board. 
There has been a glitch with his communication systems which sadly means we are unable to receive Whatsapp and emails for the time being, so unfortunately, we don’t have Rich’s normal, amusing blog posts. He is writing about his daily adventures; we will update the blog with this once he is back online. 
The satellite system that gives Rich internet access has stopped working. We can communicate with him via sms on his satellite phone, but this limits us to 160 characters. We are slowly working through a troubleshooting list to get him back online as soon as possible.
We rely on the same system for data on his trip progress, so the dashboard is a little sparse for now. We can still get enough data from other sources to feed Rich weather data and track his progress. Hopefully, we can get this connectivity issue fixed soon.
The latest news from him is sunny skies and good progress. He finally put out a fishing line and caught a dorado, which he released. He has a new travel companion. A pilot fish has joined the expedition. 
And another milestone has been reached, another trip around the sun. Today is Rich’s birthday, happy birthday to one crazy, inspiring man. 
Coordinates: -18.50167, -12.15438