Day 28: Unpacking for week 5

It started with 100% cloud cover and rain squalls dotted around the horizon. One dot was on the same path as Osiyeza and me. The dot steadily grew in size until it filled up half of the horizon. Ten minutes before it reached us, it had sucked up all the wind. The ocean around us went calm, but I could see the dark line in the water out in front of the menacing squall cloud.
A few light raindrops. I could feel it on my skin. I could see them on the water. It’s about to envelop us.
What happened next was quite extraordinary. Absolutely nothing happened. The ocean and wind remained calm. The rain stopped.
The cloud moved over us and past us.
Ten minutes later, it started raining again but passed us. The normal wind started filling in again about 10 minutes later.
It was as if the squall had lifted her skirt up and over us and dropped it back down once it was clear of us.
You are never too old to witness nature do weird and wonderful things.
After that, I cranked up the music and entertained myself on the paddles for the next three hours with ’90 tunes.
It’s the first day of week five, so it is time to unpack the week’s food into the cabin. How is it that you give a kid a chocolate, and he bounces off the walls for an hour before dropping like a stone? Give an old man a chocolate, and before he is finished, he needs to add another hoke onto his belt 🤪
I really have overdone it on the energy and chocolate bars, not to mention all the sucking sweets. 🍭🍬 Ah, well, it’s only for another thirty-odd days.

Food and watermaker locker filled to the brim

The all addictive Jungle Oats bars

Forever Fresh freeze dried meals. Each packet is a two portion size.


250grams of biltong, salami sticks and droewors

One weeks supply of food in the bag

My back is a complicated mess. I could not get back to sleep from 3 am because it was so blooming painful, yet it was right as rain by dinner time.
Believe me; I am not complaining that it’s feeling better but merely pointing out its fickleness. Maybe it was boogieing to the ’90 tunes that sorted it out.
I learnt a new trick today!
I can control my music via my watch.
The music is played on my mobile phone via the Bluetooth player. My watch shows artists and song titles. I can skip forward and back, plus control the volume. I don’t have to get up to change the volume anymore. Excellent!
Coordinates: Latitude -20.736730° Longitude -6.860730°