Day 39: Cheech and Chong have left me

While sipping my hot morning cup of coffee, I spotted a few small flying fish in the cockpit. They had run out of skills during the night. I thought how kind it would be for me to chop them up and feed them to the Pilot fish. I gathered the stinky flying buggers and chopped them into tiny bits. I dropped a bit over the side one at a time to give the Pilot fish a chance to eat more than one before dashing back underneath. Nothing. The Pilotfish obviously are doing the intermittent fasting trend and are skipping breakfast.
At the end of my morning session, I decided to go for a swim and to scrape some more gooseneck barnacles off the hull. I got everything set up. A long line drifted out the back cause Osiyeza was drifting forward. Set up the cameras and slip over the side.
The first thing I noticed was the Pilot fish, Cheech and Chong, were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they crapped themselves when this thing fell into the water, and they buggered off to watch from a distance?
I spent about 20 min scrapping at pesky barnacles. The water was so clear I watched them float away for ages. Trying to swim under the hull near the stern was tricky and a little treacherous. Osiyeza was lifted up by each little wave and would drop down with a bang pushing me downward. I decided that getting my head bashed this way would not be a great ending, so a few pesky barnacles remain.
Goose barnacles are related to crabs and lobsters living on plankton and detritus in the water. They cost up to R1700 a kg and are considered a delicacy more valuable than lobster.
Should have left them to grow to size and sold them to offset my flight home 🙃
The Dorados left me. (ok, I did upset one when I caught it)
The Marlin left me. (I am ok not having a sword go through the hull)
Cheech and Chong seemingly have left.
I am starting to get a complex. 🥺
A rather large rain squall came on down the track around 11 am and did not leave for five hours. It was pretty extraordinary how much rain fell. I had a great shower which never actually ended. I eventually had to jump down below, dripping wet, to dry myself. I spent about an hour below, all nice and dry, only to get soaked during the next paddling session. Strange how cold it feels, and it’s 25° outside. Inside is a little warmer today at 30°.🌡
I have one of those plastic squeeze water bottles I use for my juice mix. I have a bicycle bottle cage screwed next to my paddling seat that holds the bottle while I stroke my way towards Brazil. We all have these bottles at home, which have been around forever.
I was doing a good thorough clean to get rid of the slimy black mould that started to grow, especially around the bite nipple, when I discovered that the nipple could actually lock in the closed position.
I never knew! Never too old, they say.
Too old, not me!
I am elderly! According to Siviwe of the Cape Times. 😂😜
If you missed the article, here is the link.
Later alligator 
Latitude -16.958070°
Longitude -16.904600