Day 38: My inspiration

I looked at my prison calendar marked on the bulkhead with a permanent marker. Four lines, with the fifth crossing the four denoting five-day blocks. I am now on the 7th block. Thinking back to the first block, I can’t really remember much. I remember the departure and seasickness but not a lot more. Days and weeks have blended into each other.
I am looking forward to reading my own blogs when I get back home, and perhaps they will tease an idea for a book or video.
Who has inspired you to do extreme paddling adventures?
My first interaction with extreme adventuring stuff was in the early ’90 when Anthony Steward became the first person to sail around the world solo and in an open boat. We were sailing instructors based in Saldanha Bay for two years of National Service. I went in after school, and Ant joined after university. (I just did the math, and this was more than 35 years ago. Maybe I am old 🙃)
We became close friends, and when he started building his open boat, I joined him full-time. Then I probably didn’t appreciate the scope of what he was about to attempt because it was sort of what we did. We lived and breathed sailing.
If you have been following my story, you would have seen me casting the lead bulb for Osiyeza’s keel. I learnt to do this with my Dad’s help when we cast Ant’s lead bulb for Zulu Dawn’s keel.
Please do yourself a favour and watch his documentary here. Watch out for me dressed up as a stunt double 😂
 AnthonySteward, when you read this, know it’s all your fault 😂

Today I got to open another weekly bag of food. Soooo much food! The same as each week, but I still get excited to see more salami sticks, biltong and the new stock of junk snacks. Yum!🍭🍬
This bag had mung beans, so I started the next batch of sprouts immediately. Friday, I’ll be snacking on them. 🤗
A word of thanks must go to Robin for his routing skills. He has placed
Osiyeza and I on what feels like a magic carpet. The current has been ripping us towards Salvador for the past few days. If this continues, it will likely move our ETA even earlier.💪
I am fascinated with the Pilot fish. Now and then, one will dart out to the side and then back to the cover of Osiyeza. The paddle does not even bother them anymore. They are very nimble, so it’s unlikely I would knock one with the paddle blade. I finally realised what they were doing when I tossed the crumbs of popcorn over the side. They were immediately onto the popcorn and equally quickly realised that it was not appetising before darted back. They must be feeding when they move out to the side. I have not seen them react when the kids dive overboard. Clever little things. 🐟
Latitude -17.172520°
Longitude -16.102220°
Money raised for Operation Smile R224,512
No of new smiles: 41