Day 43: HOT AS ……

I have an aquarium thermometer that I use to see what the water or air temperature is. The sea is sitting around 25°, and the air temperature, even at night, never gets less than that. However, the day temperature gets up towards and sometimes above 30°.
I take my breaks from paddling inside Osiyeza. I will have something to eat and drink. I will check in with the shore team. I will type my thoughts down on my cell for the daily blog and often have a power nap.
Today it was uncomfortably warm inside. I decided to use the thermometer to see what the real temperature was. I took two readings. One, the air temperature of 34° and then the temperature against the bubble wrap insulation that covers the whole inside, and it read 37°. I would hate to know what it is on the actual carbon fibre skin. Not quite hot enough to bake bread 🍞 but it was hot enough to bake me. 😰
Coms via old school sms can be a little frustrating. It’s slow to type and slow to get a response. But hey, who am I to complain? At least I have some coms for which I am very grateful.