Day 36: Birthday Hangover

What was it from?
The late night? The disco party? The soet wyn? Smoke from the candle?
I can’t say for sure, but I woke up with a sore throat.
My favourite wife, Judy, would say with conviction that it was from me snoring. I just can’t come to the same conclusion. I never heard a thing!
The wind and sea have slowly increased in strength and size, making it another rollercoaster night. I had to be up at 03:00 to activate the satellite coms for a 06:20 am Cape Talk radio interview with Lester Kiewit. I thought it was a good chat. You can listen to the podcast from my earlier social media post if you missed it. Click here
After the interview, Robin asked me to use a magnet 🧲 to switch the spoor tracker back on if this was indeed the problem. It needs to be done at night, so I can see the LED light sequence to determine if it’s on or not. The unit is glued to the cabin roof in front of the hatch. This position makes it quite precarious for me to reach comfortably and safely. Osiyeza was trying to dip me into the water with each roll to the port side. Add my whole weight leaning over, and around the hatch, she nearly got it right a few times. After a few attempts, I got the LED lights to the correct sequence. A few minutes later, Robin confirmed it had updated itself online. Success 💪
I was awake, so I decided to do some paddling because the sky was clear and the stars were stunning. Orion’s belt had dipped below the horizon, and Scorpio was rising behind me. A stunning session.
As I mentioned in the radio interview this morning, I estimated 70 days for the crossing but wanted to be a little quicker than a rowing boat. Well, let the truth be told. It’s got nothing to do with trying to beat another man’s record. Seventy days would make my arrival on the 25th of February. Look closely at the expiration date of the Fritos crisps on board. Now you know the real reason? Do you think I can chance eating expired crisps, or will I make it in time?
Latitude -17.657250°
Longitude -14.163900°