Day 41: Netflix Killer

The first message from the shore team.
You have hit your data cap.😱
Guilty party 1.7gig by Netflix.
It turns out that the Netflix app decided to connect to the internet. Not sure what it bloody did, but there is nothing to show for it. FRACKING HECK!
Vincent from SMD Africa Marine, the data sponsor, will try and reconnect with the R17/Meg plan until the 1st of Feb when the rollover takes place. Time will tell if this is possible, so it’s back to the satellite phone and sms for now.
Both Cheech AND Chong are back. 🤗
I found two small flying fish, chopped them up into little pieces, and attempted to feed them again. Only this time, I tossed each piece as far forward as possible, giving it time to sink a little before passing the keel. The little buggers did not hesitate. They were on it like a bull to a red flag. Feeling proud of myself.
Managed to skip 2km passed the daily goal for yesterday’s troubles.
I got some great footage, but it will have to wait till February before I can share it with you.
Late in the afternoon, I had another visit by a Blue Marlin. It did not linger for very long and was gone before I could get my video camera.