Day 48: Naked yoga

What great paddling conditions we are having out here. All the elements lined up in the right direction. I have worked out that when I paddle Osiyeza at a slight angle to the swells, she gets into a rocking rhythm. I am not exactly sure if this motion somehow reduces the water friction or gets water to flow around the foils faster, but whatever it does, it seems to help maintain a higher average speed through the water.

Full moon setting this morning

I remember, as a youngster, reading a glossy book on naked yoga. I use the term “reading” loosely. There may have been text in the book, but I am quite sure I never glanced at any.
I tried to stretch my back and legs this morning and got myself a little tied up in knots. It’s particularly challenging doing it inside a tiny space on a rolling kayak.
Imagine my best impression of the “downward dog”, except my hips hitting one side and then the other of the cabin as Osiyeza rolls about. ( You only have yourself to blame for trying to imagine me doing this naked)😳
I should have taken more notice of how to do the positions rather than who was doing them. All in all, my back seems to have recovered from the oopsie on the dance floor. I mean the solar panels. (Lisa, I will have to come for yoga lessons 😉)
Today, I dug into the aft hatch and pulled out another weekly food bag.
Unfortunately, the biltong and droe wors have more white mould build-up. I can wipe the wors clean and hang them up in the cabin to dry. It’s just too much of a mission to try and clean the biltong, so instead, I chose to out-manoeuvre the mould and ate all the mouldy pieces first.
What could go wrong?
I have started listening to “So anyway, Autobiography” of John Cleese. It will take a few days to complete at 13hrs 33min long. I am thoroughly enjoy the ebooks. It takes a little while to tune into the reader’s voice over the sounds of the ocean. Suddenly three hours have happily slippy by.

Am I turning into a prince 🤴?
Or perhaps I have shed some of my protective fat, or is the mattress foam collapsing?
Which one?
Under my mattress, there are two separate lockers. One houses the watermaker and food, while the forward one has the batteries, solar charge controllers and other electrical components. Each lid has three aluminium tabs to keep the lid locked in place. They are maybe 3mm high, but now dig into me when I sleep. I have never felt them before. I suspect only two of the three possibilities fit the occasion.

The pea to my prince

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