Day 47: First aeroplane spotting

Following on from the other day’s random thought of airbags in aeroplanes, I saw my first aeroplane today, belting across the sky. A flight heading to Rio, I am guessing by the heading. They should be there in only a few hours. When I was younger, it would depress me when I saw an aeroplane because it reminded me of how slow sailing actually is.
“Sailing is the most expensive way to get someplace the slowest.”
Anyway, as an “elderly” man, it no longer bothers me. If it did bother me going at Osiyeza speed ( Ave 2kn), I would have been suicidal by now. Kayaking is so simple compared to sailing. All I have to do is point in the correct direction and paddle. No need to do anything different when a squall comes through. Just carry on paddling.
The aeroplane reminded me of a sailing trip from Cape Town to California on a catamaran (Searose) in 1995. It was just four mates on board. Mike, Ken, Mark and I. It was in the days before the internet or CDs, but we did have a VHS machine and television on board. We only had a couple of video cassettes for the trip, but the best was “Top Gun”.
To date, I have watched it more than 70 times. My all-time favourite.
By the end of the trip, we could recite the entire movie with the sound off.
“…permission to buzz the tower.
Negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full…” 😂
Before you ask, the answer is yes, I do have a copy on board and yes, I have seen and enjoyed the sequel.
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New smiles: 45
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