Day 46: First human contact

For something different, I slept the other way around. Feet forward. It was an odd experience. I am not sure what to make of it. Was it better, and if so, what makes it so? I think I need another night or two that way around to make up my mind. One negative is I have to open and close the top hatch to get in or out of the bunk.
Shore team technical director Albert and I have been keeping an eye on the Oyster yachts heading to Salvador from St Helena Island. This morning one was only 28nm behind me and heading straight toward me.
It took a while before they popped up on the AIS at about 10nm. From their AIS info on my chart plotter, I can give them a direct call request via the VHF radio. This happens automatically with a push of a button. It basically sends their radio a message saying Osiyeza would like to talk to you, and this is the channel they are on. They need to push yes, and their radio will switch to my selected channel, and we can start chatting.
The yacht’s name is Serendipity. On board, it looked to be Mom, Dad and young son and possibly father-in-law and either older son or he’s a crew member.
They came up close and did a sail past. Then dropped their sails. Turned around and motored back to me. We had a lovely chat.
They asked if there was anything I needed. I could have done with some extra coffee, but I declined to keep the keyboard warriors happy that I remained unassisted.
I did suggest a little tow, but nothing doing. 😂
They had a drone they set free, and it buzzed around me for a bit while I paddled, showing my best style and trying not to look like the old man of the sea. I suspect I failed at both.
I passed on my contact details via the radio, and there was a promise to get the footage to me. It would be lovely to see. I asked if they had WhatsApp coms on board. Nope, they only have satellite email. Osiyeza is quite fancy in comparison 👍
Osi and I got buzzed by another Blue Marlin. I videoed it using my cell phone as the other cameras were being charged following the meeting with the yacht. You can make out something on video, but the Marlin does a good job of blending in.
Oh, I wonder if Simba chips would come to the party. Today’s packet of Fritos was very stale. Yes stale!
Yes, I still ate them.
The stamp on the packet clearly states three more days till it expires. I feel terribly cheated. Stuck out here with no sympathy or recourse. I feel this is maybe my lowest low for today. 😉
I just remembered that sleeping the other way around, I can see stars through the hatch, but watching for too long made me a little dizzy.
The freeze-dried food from ForeverFresh is of a really high standard and quality. Tastes awesome, and I could not recommend it more highly. I know for a fact that I am not pregnant, but I have had a food craving all day for what I don’t know.
I am quite an adventurous eater. Maybe better described as I am not a fussy eater. I remember a childhood experiment with my best mate Wayne. We must have been about 9 yrs old and in his Mom’s kitchen. We thought this would be the next big culinary craze even though we could not even spell culinary.
It was garlic buttered toast smeared with peanut 🥜 butter. Don’t knock it until you have tried it.
The reason this memory popped up was because today, in my “elderly childhood”, I experimented with some Macadamia butter from Buttanut and mung bean sprouts all mixed together. I was pleasantly pleased with the result. It is fair to say it won’t garner me a Michelin Star but out here , who cares.  
What a wonderful distraction it was. Thanks, Serendipity!