Day 45: Time benders

Started listening to another EBook today. Michael Caine “Blowing the bloody door off and other lessons in life.” I put my cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker under my seat. My phone, which is playing the ebook, remains inside, away from the ocean clutches and on charge. I use my Garmin Quatix watch to control the volume etc.
See, elderly men and technology can go together.
Time seems to speed up as soon as I get into the story. The next thing, a few hours have passed.
Another time bender is podcasts. I have a bunch of Jordan B Patterson podcasts. I must admit I need to replay many of his sentences to fully digest what he is trying to convey. He is a very interesting cat.
Today a random thought popped into my head, and I am unsure what to do with it. “Why not have airbags on aeroplanes.” I am just going to leave it there.
My dodgy spine seems to be responding to the 💊 smarties, which is encouraging. Each day I seem to be able to put a little more time into the paddles than the previous day. Need to get back to those 100km days.
The Oyster Yacht Rally left St Helena Island a few days ago, and they are on their way to Salvador. The fleet is slowly starting to converge on my position. The other night, I chatted with the first yacht Adalia 2. The lady I spoke to said they had surmised Osiyeza was a rowing boat or similar because it was going so slowly. 😂
Saw a blue bottle yesterday for the first time in weeks. The little guy must have been blown way off course. I also got a glimpse of a Pilot fish, so I guess Cheech & Chong are back. I wonder where they go. Maybe go off looking for something to 🚬