Day 4: Poop Pirate

Day 4

The sea was calm all night and should be for the rest of the day or until the return of the trade winds which “Router Man” Robin tells me may only start late on Wednesday. I guess this is what happens when you announce a departure date and stick to it regardless. LOL

“Wednesday late brings SE at this stage. You won’t make much progress until then. Recommend down time until then, what progress you make today you will only lose tomorrow. Get your head around that and wait for the SE train to arrive, it’s on its way at last.”
He also tossed in a “HTFU” for good measure.

Right! Time to get my head around it…How should I take this news? Standing up? Actually, I took it lying down, literally.
If my efforts over the next day or so are going to be wasted why not take it easy and let the favourable wind and sea come to me? Much of today was a drift-a-thon but I got some precious time off. I had a good easy night. Paddled on and off as the mood took me. A lot fewer ships about which is good for sleep with the AIS alarm all quiet. Even got a 45 min uninterrupted sleep session in.

The highlight was watching “14 Peaks” on Netflix. Inspirational stuff. Would like to have watched it as a 14-part series. So much glossed over but what an incredible feat. (Yip downloaded a few before I left)

This morning after a nice cuppa java history on Osiyeza was made. I used the “BLACK” bucket for the first time. It’s amazing how an everyday event can be such a triumph out here.
PS the “RED” bucket is for washing up only – do not get these confused.

I put out the fishing line for something to do. Wonder if I am moving fast enough to entice a strike? No strike yet but it has brought about some entertainment. The birds get all excited for a second and consider an easy meal only to realise they have been duped.

Revenge was quick in making. One little bugger, without asking permission to come aboard, landed on the aft deck, and proceeded to poop over my solar panels. Osiyeza is a cunning craft however, and she simply bobbed this way that way and heeled over and let the next wave poop the aft deck which washed it clean. Saved me the perilous trip to the back on the slippery solar panel to clean up. Good girl!
FYI “poop deck” & “to be pooped by a wave” is a thing. Google it if you don’t believe me!

The Poop Pirate!

Still can’t find my second cell phone. Bizarre but not totally unbelievable. You see, my housekeeper is still absent. I use it to connect the Victron Venus GX monitor box which downloads the data to the cloud so my shore team can check for any issues that may be lurking in the data.

On another note, there is still an unpleasant pong hanging about in the cabin. Might need to wash those socks again.

On my ocean crossings before, to break up the shift systems, there would be a 2 hour “happy hour” with everyone on watch around sunset time. Each could have a beer, never two, and then dinner. It was a time to bond and discuss any personal issues to avoid bottling up problems. Osiyeza is as dry as the Sahara Desert when it comes to alcohol. In all other respects she pretty wet.

Sunset Happy Hour

So, my happy hour treat, while watching the sun go down, is a small slab of sugar free chocolate from CarbSmart and time for me to “clear the air” with my own thoughts.

Food consumed:
Coffee x 2
Banana smoothie with added milk & flaxseed powder
Pork sausage x 2 (before they go off)
Coconut Yogurt & nuts.
Handful of supplements from kale and turmeric to Vitamin D and Zinc.
30g dark chocolate bar.

Water temp: 21.6°C
Hours paddling: only 5 hours
Total distance moved 390km
S 32°27’21”