Jet Boil Review: Cooking at sea

All my cooking will be done with boiling water. I will have no need to fry, bake or the likes.

Jetboil stoves are brilliant. The Jetboil is far and away the best system I’ve used. Fast, compact and efficient. I will take a number of spare lighters, because the ignition unit is a major weak point in a salty environment.

The Jetboil only uses 5g of gas to boil 500ml of water. Allowing for some waste I should only need to take as little as 2.5kg of gas. As with every system on board I will have a backup plan. My alternative cooker is due to arrive on Tuesday so I will do a review of it after I have thoroughly tested it.

I will make my freeze-dried meal in a thermos mug and not in the bag that it comes in. If I make it in the bag, I have smelly rubbish to keep someplace (all plastics will be audited before and after).  The thermos mug is washable, and also means I can allow the meal longer to rehydrate fully without it going cold.

I will need to make a gimbal system for the cooker so if there are any engineers who have some time on their hand and would like to do this for me it would be much appreciated.

Jetboil Review at Sea: