Hand Surgery

Finally went for the upgrade of my left hand.?️

The hand surgery was a dupuytren contracture fasciectomy. Basically the tendon gradually gets pulled over time and the finger/s start to curl. It was still in an early stage for me but far enough that I could not put my palm down flat.

Most importantly the paddle shaft was starting to irritated it and with 80 days of non stop paddling coming at the end of the year it was best to sort it out soonest.

I was super impressed with the medical team. They even arranged the COVID-19 test results in under 10 hours.

I was most fascinated with the “arm block” which enabled me to watch some of the operation. It’s quite surreal watching your skin being cut and pulled back without any pain sensation.

Recovery is longer than I thought but time will tell.

dupuytren contracture fasciectomy Hand surgery Richard Kohler hand surgery

Update on hand surgery

9 July – my hand has healed well and have been for my first paddle this week. So far so good.
hand surgery healing

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