Day 22: Scatter cushions

Woke up this morning without the usual pain in my back. Last night’s smarties seem to have done the trick and eased the back muscles, and I feel much better. Thanks for asking.👍.



Today’s ocean was flat. Sometimes even glass-like. I took the opportunity to do a lot of admin. I washed my paddling kit. Went for a swim. Tried new camera tricks and angles.

Another sunset. I am now two hours behind South African time

I also managed to calibrate both the GPS antenna and the autopilot. To do this, you need to turn the boat in a circle a couple of times at a specific pace while the device calibrates itself. Both calibrated the first time, which was a great relief. I have not used the autopilot since day 14, but it should hold its course more accurately now when the bigger conditions return.
My sleeping arrangements at home and on Osiyeza are worlds apart. More accurately, galaxy’s apart.
At home, I sleep on a king-size, extra-length, super fancy mattress. I say super fancy based purely on the price. I could have bought a small second hand car instead.
It has lovely sheets, plenty of pillows for each of us and is topped off with a duvet. The usual.
On Osiyeza, I have a Camp Master mattress that I got on special at Makro for R399. I have a pillow and a sheet. There was a fleece blanket, but that’s long stuffed away in one of the lockers, never to be used again. Actually, I never used it.
When I get out of bed on Osiyeza, I inch worm 🐛 on my back to the foot of the bunk. I do this with the help of two ropes that run along the ceiling all the way from the front locker to the main hatch. Remnants of the lift skeg in the bow are now closed off and no longer used. Once here, I sit up and, more often than not, klap my head on the fan or the cleats the ropes still run through. Nothing happens to the bedding until I inch my way back in.
At home, it’s a very different story. I am usually the last one out of bed because my Judith likes to go running or to the gym and leaves the house at a ridiculously early hour. So by default, it’s my duty to make the bed.

Mattress, pillow and sheet

Osiyeza en suite

Oh, I almost forgot. Someone sent me Nurse Honeydews Tinder profile picture. I guess it’s already in the public domain, so I could share it. Let me know if this is something you would like to see?
Co-ordinates: -21.266180° lat -1.209050° long
Breakfast: toasted granola with fruit & nuts.
Food: Tangine chicken & noodles & lentils
Junk: popcorn, Fritos
Raised for Operation Smile: R176,801
No of new smiles: 32