Day 21: Things that go bump

In the comments to my query regarding “underpants,” a few suggested going commando would be best.
If it’s good enough for Alex Doba (1st person to kayak across the North Atlantic), it should be for me.
Alex was a great inspiration, by the way. When I first started researching and came across him, I thought, ” if an old man like him can do it, then surely I can”. Lo and behold, I was looking in the mirror this morning and staring back at me was an old man just like Alex. I guess it’s what’s in the heart that actually matters. 😂
(He kayaked across the North Atlantic ocean three times)

Alexander Doba the first to paddle across an ocean.

Anyway, I have digressed again. Sorry back to going commando. On board Osiyeza, there are two dicks.
One hates being in the sun, and the other never sees the sun so I don’t think going commando will work so well for either.
This reminds me, back in 1989, after finishing my two years of national service in the Navy, I took part in a yacht race to Lisbon, Portugal. It had a stop at St Helena Island and another in the Azores.
This was my first time going overseas. I was very excited. The plan was once there to tour around a bit and see the world. Something about my “wild oats”, Dad would say.
As with all young lads, it was imperative to at least try to impress the opposite sex for obvious reasons. A lady friend had remarked that girls don’t like tan lines. I pondered on this and decided this race was the ideal opportunity to get rid of any tan lines.
It must have been about the 5th day at sea. After everything had settled into a routine and the weather had warmed up nicely, I decided to get some all-over sun 🌞
It was a picture-perfect day. I was lying on the weather deck on top of some sail bags. The spinnaker was pulling steadily, and the sun was high in the sky. It was, in fact, so perfect that I drifted off to sleep, lying face down on my stomach.
Let’s cut a long, painful story short. I could not sit comfortably for several days. My skin peeled off in sheets, but the worst was the back of my 🥜. Now, this was way before “manscaping” was even a thing, so thankfully, a little shade on this occasion was better than none. I still shiver, thinking back at the agony I endured down there.
And now you suggest I go and do it again by going commando. Are you NUTS? 🥜
I didn’t start this blog with “things that go bump in the night” because they happen during the day.
Osiyeza and I crossed over into the Western hemisphere. The bump was so subtle it may not even have happened.
A great milestone on my 21st day at sea. Maybe I can wet my lips with a little soetwyn tonight in celebration 🥳. What say you?

Day 21 sunset in the Western hemisphere

Today has been the slowest day. Very little help from nature and my enthusiasm for paddling all day. More to the point, I think I will try some of the smarties tonight. My back is feeling a little uncomfortable. 💊
The cherry 🍒 on top for today was when Young Tighthead came and asked, “what are the chances we can stop off at St Helena Island 🏝”
“Only in an emergency”, I replied.
He dropped his head and walked off, muttering, ” it’s not far from an emergency”.
I had no idea what he was on about, but when I bumped into Grey Locks later in the day, I asked if he had any thoughts on the matter. I was surprised when he said he knew what it was all about.
Young Tighthead had given up waiting for Nurse Honeydew to match with him on Tinder. He just increased his range and suddenly has a bunch of hits from St Helena Island 🤣
Oh, to be young.
PS this morning, there was a big splash at the pool.

This is what the direct route from my position looks like on a flat chart.

Co-ordinates: -21.397900° latitude and -0.586750° longitude
Breakfast: 🥓🍳
Food: Butter Chicken & noodles
Junk:  Nik Naks