Day 2: Cold, wet and tired

Having not eaten anything since dinner on Saturday (48hrs) I unconsciously followed a trend.
The fasting diet thing.
Tell you what!
I can already feel the difference. I am unsure if it’s how I’m supposed to feel because I feel shattered and weak. Certainly not rejuvenated and youthful.
I tried to break the fast last night with a little Butter Chicken on rice. A spoon full at a time until it was all down the hatch. For the next half hour, it would be anyone’s guess whether it stayed down or not. I am pleased to report that the fast has been successfully terminated.
One would think that not eating for two days, the morning pool party, would be poorly attended by the kids. 💩I obviously have extra kids stored someplace. I wonder what the bathroom scale would read now?⚖
I passed a cruise ship quite close by late yesterday, and I first wondered if at all they could see me and, secondly, if they could, what would they make of the tiny craft with clothes flapping about on a washing line (wet bedding ☹) and some guy standing with his head out of the hatch.

Red sky in the morning, paddlers warning

Ok, let’s get serious for a moment.
So far, life on board Osiyeza has been wet, cold, tiring and all-round frikken unpleasant. Before you point fingers at Osiyeza, she has been the beacon of hope. Many a breaking swell has tried to roll her over, but she has managed to shrug them off so far.
Her modified rudder seems to have made a wonderful difference in her ability to track with little input required from me and make it less heavy to turn.
In fact, I suspect Osiyeza would be able to cross the ocean on her own and much faster than that dude who crossed the North Atlantic in a big barrel.
I have picked up a good current of about 1kt, and with the following sea and strong tail wind, we are making good miles. I have been doing nighttime paddling to try and make even more miles because there may be a tail of a frontal system arriving later in the week. The more North the better for me.

Strong NW current in my favour. Note: current name is give in the direction they are going unlike wind which is named for the direction it comes from

Later today and tonight, it’s going to gust well into the 30kts with a building swell. It’s going to be full-on. To ride with it or ride it out on sea anchor?
Time will tell.
Bird of the day: White-chinned Petrel
Three of them chilled in the water, chirping away. The sound was similar to a high-pitched rotor blade of a helicopter.
Co-ordinates: S32°15’42 E016°44’54
Food: Butter chicken and rice
Sea life: 2 x sunfish
Money raised for operation smile: R129,086
Smiles changed: 23