Day 14: First paddle of the year

2023 started off grey and gloomy, but by late morning, it was full sunshine, only to be overcast for the afternoon.
The sun is good for charging the batteries but not so good for me, who hates the heat. I can’t understand how some people can just lie “somer so” under the sun and enjoy it.
After almost two weeks of strong South winds, we have been propelled North at an incredible pace. The flip side of this is I am now getting too far North and not enough West.
If I continue with the current direction, I may miss the Easterly trade winds and end up north of St Helena Island. My original route should put me at least 200km south of the Island.
The next objective is to get as much West in as possible.
The forecast is for the conditions to go more East in the evening, and I found a little swell that, who knows where it comes from, is moving West and gives us a good old shove every now and then.
I sleep with my head forward. I don’t sleep feet forward as it’s not possible for me to get in or out of my bunk when the hatch is closed. There is just not enough room for a six-foot-two fella to turn around and go feet forward. It may also have something to do with my lack of flexibility. Something about age!
It’s a constant struggle for me in the limited space, particularly when I lie in my bunk.
One issue is when I lie on my back, my elbows are next to me, and there is zero wiggle room. My arms are pressed against my side. No room to move the elbows out sideways. When it’s warm and clammy, everything just sticks together. 😒 I can’t lie face down as there is no room for the elbows out to the side. I am usually a side sleeper, but the shoulder gets so hammered by all the constant motion.
The other issue that I thought would not affect me at all is claustrophobia. Never!
The first time was on an overnight sea trial when I suddenly needed to get out. How can I describe it?
A feeling of “panic” or “urgency”, perhaps.
All I wanted to do was to get out, open the hatch and stand up.
I dismissed this as a one-time thing, but it has caught me off guard twice so far. The “panic” is over as soon as I stand up. Very bizarre stuff.
I am conscious not to let issues like these become bigger than they need to be. I try to understand the issue and find a solution; if no solution presents itself, I make a mental plan to deal with it.
If you leave it, it will wear you down.
Today I fetched week two’s food bag. It has taken me two weeks to finish off the first bag. Do I have too much food, or am I not eating enough?

1 week food bag

2 weeks of rubbish. Nothing goe overboard other than the kid and paper.

Co-ordinates: -21.789470° lat 6.371320°
Breakfast: yoghurt, nuts & coffee
Food: Tuscan chicken with noodles
TV bar and a packet of Nik Naks
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