WIN a chance to name my Ocean X kayak

Back in 2016, Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council introduced a public contest to name a new ship. That plan backfired with voters overwhelmingly supporting a name that a British radio presenter submitted, Boaty McBoatface. Since then we have had Ferry McFerryface, Trainy McTrainface and even Horsy McHorseface and no one has gone so far to ask the public to name a boat since.

Until now…it’s South African’s turn and I am putting it in your very capable hands so don’t let me down. Now you can help choose a name for the kayak. Here’s the catch though, I will select the top three names which the public will then vote on, so we won’t be naming this vessel Kayak McKayakface 🙂

How to enter: Fill out the form on Cape Town Etc website here

The three names will be posted on Cape Town Etc’s website and social media chan
nels for everyone to vote. The person who submitted the winning name will win an exclusive experience with mwah, including an invite to the launch and the naming of the kayak, as well as an invite to the departure at the end of January – and a paddle on the boat in Cape Town before I leave.
Prize details:
  • An exclusive experience and a paddle on the kayak
  • A personal invitation to the naming of the kayak and the launch
  • A front row seat to see me depart on my journey in January

Competition Ts & Cs apply.