Day 25: Daily stuff

The Atlantic high-pressure system has started to move slowly South, allowing the trade winds to come back to Osiyeza and me.
A following wind does make a big impact on our lives. 🌬 Besides the miles it gives us, it also creates wind chop, which eventually joins together and becomes small swells which surge us forward. On top of this, the wind constantly drags the surface water, which ultimately creates the currents that give us some more miles. To top it all off, the wind cools everything down just that little bit.🌡
As any Surfski paddler knows, downwind paddling is the holy grail.
How do I keep my mind occupied and myself entertained alone in the middle of nowhere?
While paddling, I only occasionally play music. I used to have deck speakers and a fancy car stereo system, but I took it all out to save weight. Instead, I have a little cheap waterproof Bluetooth mp3 player from Clicks, a local chain store🎧
I use a cell phone with a big micro SD card full of random music. A few days before leaving, I purchased Spotify and downloaded a bunch of ’70, ’80, and ’90 music and podcasts.🎶 For spares, I have Bluetooth earphones and two cable earphones.
I maybe listen to music for about 3 hours a day. I prefer to listen to the ocean sounds when paddling. It lets me clear my mind and get into a trance-like state. I zone out completely. Before I know it, it’s time for a little break or something to eat. Other times I let my mind wander. It goes into full process mode, and I am solving all the world’s problems and plans for the next adventure. This is also the time I work on the daily blog.
Non-paddling entertainment?
I have a Kindle and like to set aside time to read daily. It’s an old Kindle that needs external lighting to read, so I have to use a book light at night. Three books 📚 done.
I have a Tablet that is great for watching videos. I have so many movies and series on one of the two external 2TB hard drives that I probably could watch continually for the entire 70 days 🤣. I have only watched three movies to date.
I also download a bunch of Netflix stuff and allow myself to watch one episode a day to try and make them last. Yesterday I wanted to watch something, and Netflix said sorry, they have expired and I can’t watch them anymore.
I was a bit bleak about that, but I thought, what if I changed the date to a few days ago? Will it work?
Bonus, it did. 👍
I check in with the world three times a day. Morning session to send the latest blog and images to @Carmen, the weather check with @Robin, and then the power system and AIS with @Albert (my shore team.)
I catch up with my lovely wife on her plans for the day and to find out how my veggie garden and cats are coping without me. Also to see if I can glean what stuff she has tossed out. The problem being I keep stuff because you never know when you may need it. She found my stash of old cell phones the other day. I no longer have a Blackberry. 🤣
Midday is a quick check on social media to 👍 and reply to any comments or questions. Evening check-in is similar to the morning schedule.
I have a limited amount of data (165mg a day), so all images and videos are compressed before sending them home.
The only other entertainment would be cooking and washing.
It must sound like a luxury cruise, but I can assure you it’s not quite as simple as it is portrayed. Keeping everything positive is key to success.
Say it enough times, and eventually, you will believe it. 😉
At sunset last night, I got a call from the yacht Always Saturday. A 40 foot catamaran from Hong Kong. They were 2.5nm away and could not see me. They left Cape town six days ago, and I told them I left 26 days ago. They were quite shocked. Anyway, it was nice to speak to someone.
Co-ordinates: -21.111830° latitude and -3.565550° longitude
Breakfast: bacon 🥓 🍳
Food: curry chicken and rice
Junk: biltong, jungle Oates bars, toffie eclairs
Sea life: flying fish and the occasional Storm Petrel